Absorb is a multiplayer arena game where players must roll their spheres to eat food and other smaller players to grow in size while also avoiding getting eaten by larger players. The goal is to become the biggest sphere on the map and over the course of many games players will learn and build skills to maneuver and out wit their opponents. It's satisfying to both narrowly escape from an enemy and become the biggest threat on the map.



Project State Abandoned
Website https://absorb.facepunch.com/
Genre Multiplayer Arena, Agar.io like, Platformer
Press Contact press@facepunch.com
Game Engine Unreal Engine 4


I'm normally a concept artist and had very little coding experience before starting this project. I've always been interested in programming though and when I got my hands on ue4 it inspired me to try and get as far as could with Absorb.

The idea was of course inspired by agar.io but I wanted to try and put my own spin on the concept and add deeper skill based mechanics. I was also playing a lot of rocket league at the time which captured the feeling of movement I was after, I wanted a skilled player to be able to dance around a player who had just started.

I got this project to a working state and even played a game with 15 or so people on Prototype day. A fair amount of my original vision had been realized, but I still felt the game getting stale pretty fast for me and people who tried it.


I think one of the flaws was basing so much of the mechanics around movement; the game was fun to control in the early stages of your sphere's life but in order to keep the game balanced I made players slow down the larger they got and once they got big enough there was little to no competition and moved at a snails pace. This kind of became a brick wall for me, I think more than just balancing needed to be done to make the game work in the later stages of a players life, the game needed to shift away from fast paced movement to something more about exercising your power without ruining the game for everyone else.

I experimented with destructible environments, only the larger players could "break" the level in a meaningful way but I still don't think this did enough to make the goal of getting huge appealing, it was still most fun when you were a small agile sphere. A combination of balancing the movement of the player as they grew and giving them a more interesting level to destroy may have helped but I felt like there was something more interesting that could have been done, so I decided to take a break.

I'm still a little hesitant to call the project dead because I think with some more thought and work it could have potential but for now I'm leaving it.

Team Absorb